Wednesday, 17 December 2014

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yeah its true. isn't it??

in california 

in today's era 

no need to give hint.The picture says it all

Presentation time

we need it really

in dubai it happens.

The Wheel of KonarK temple in ODISHA

1st Selfie

really !!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Celebrate this Diwali as Green Diwali :-)

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

A mysterious case of alleged rape of a minor girl

A mysterious case of alleged rape of a minor girl, within the premises of Jalvayu Towers in Lower Tank Bund inside the gated community in the heart of the city has raised a serious question in the public. Are police servant to the people or to the people at power?
A minor girl who served as a maid servant in several household was allegedly gang-raped by five men including the PA of a well-connected politician,(who apparently might be given the Labor ministry of the state soon and they are trying very hard to protect his reputation) and was left hapless to bleed to death. It is being reported that she was raped on 26th August around 11am when she was working in their house and died on 30th August.

Till 7th September,residents of the building even refused to acknowledge any such incidents and refrained from making it public. There was no news of the victim and the family as well. Only after the first article came out in TOI on Sep 7th, the victims sister-in-law appeared from nowhere at the Jalvayu Towers society office s

aying the girl is alive and nothing had happened to her, she had some medical issue due to which she fainted and was bleeding.Even they paraded a young girl (who they claimed was the girl working at the flat) claiming that she is the girl but she doesn't even have a pass which is mandatory to enter into colony.

Despite repeated appeals from multiple civil society groups, the city police on Thursday refused to file a First Information Report (FIR).On the contrary, the case has been turned into a game of passing-the-parcel with police bosses shifting it from one wing to another, for reasons best known to them. Even Assistant commissioner of police, Chikkadpally, Amarkanth Reddy admitted that as per the law, it is necessary for the police to first file a FIR and then conduct an inquiry and in his previous statement he said "Today if we file some report, the media will pick it up and write about it tomorrow. That will, in turn, affect not just us but also our families. We have to think about our children also, right?"

Where do they get a nerve from to do such a horrible thing?? and the audacity to get some other girl in place of the dead one?? Our fear is their strength.No one can be forgiven for such a crime, these so called POWERFUL people are no exception.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

read an amazing story

This is an amazing story of true sportsmanship. Jaqueline Kiplimo is an elite marathon runner. She is seen here helping a Chinese athlete, who is disabled, to drink during the 2010 Zheng-Kai Marathon.

Jaqueline stayed with him for miles. She sacrificed her 1st place lead and the $10,000 prize so she could help a stranger.